About You


Men Of Outdoors started four years ago as an Instagram account in July 2016. It quickly grew into a popular feed featuring men from all over the World. 

From day one, it has never been about us. It's really all about YOU!

The feed gives our viewers access to inspirational photos of men enjoying or engaging in the outdoors in some of the most beautiful locations ever seen. The photos are also likely to inspire men and women to plan their next travel adventure.

Over the past two years, Men Of Outdoors developed a custom patented fabric to make the softest and most comfortable T-shirt ever made. The fabric is made up of cotton, beechwood (modal) and beeswax. An inspiration taken directly from the lifestyle of our followers. THANK YOU GUYS! 

Our mission is to inspire men and women to spend more time outdoors and challenge the industry by being the first brand to introduce natural and healthy clothes. 

Men Of Outdoors is based in Las Vegas, NV.



What to Expect When Following Our Instagram Feed:

The best part about our Instagram feed is that it's constantly changing. One day our viewers may see a simple photo of a father/son duo enjoying a bonfire. The next picture of the day could be a rock climber hanging by his fingertips from the edge of a huge cliff. Anything from extreme to simple is featured on the page on a daily basis. The only common denominator between each photo is that it features a man or men enjoying scenery or engaging in nature activities.

When following our Instagram account, everyone should be prepared to be inspired. Even if the viewer is not into the particular activity of the day, they are sure to appreciate the positive message shared in each photo. The best part is the photos don't use captions, memes, or any cute cartoons to inspire or entertain our followers. Instead, the photos are inspired by pure imagery.


Activities followers will likely see on our account include:

Mountain biking

Enjoying bonfires

Fly fishing


Rock climbing




Paddle boarding


Skateboarding poolside


In addition to encouraging our followers to get off the couch or out of the office, we also give our viewers travel ideas. For instance, if followers want to walk next to the clouds on a mountainside, they can find out where to do it by following our feed. If they want to find out where the most amazing views are in Antelope Canyon, they can. In addition to travel destination ideas, viewers can get ideas for activities to do on their next adventure. For instance, swim with sharks or hold a grizzly bear! Followers may also be inspired to try bouldering on their next Colorado vacation, or simply hang a hammock in the woods while camping. The ideas we feature are creative, endless, and inspirational, which may be the motivation everyone has been waiting for to book the next life-changing journey.